F.O.K. is an acronym for Friends Of Kevin. Here are links to some of my friends’ websites. If you’d like to be included on the F.O.K. list, shoot me an email. A link to Kev-TV would be very cool, too!

Letters From the Editor
Letters From The Editor is a blog written by my friend, Ed Esposito. Even if you’re not into Akron, OH politics or media, Ed’s blog is a great read. He’s and incredible writer.


The Radio Murders: The Collectors
The Radio Murders: The Collectors is the first mystery novel written by my friend Chuck Collins. By day Chuck works in radio, and by night Chuck writes murder mysteries about…. radio.


Celebrating Sears' Instruments and Sound Equipment
Silvertone World is a website created by my longtime friend Randy Holmes. It’s dedicated to honoring the memory of Sears Silvertone musical instruments and sound equipment.


Dana McVicker is one of my dearest friends. Back in the late 80’s Dana released her debut album on Capitol Records. And now after over 20 years, Dana is “Back” with her follow up.


Vaccine Is On Sale Now
BoomTemple is a band that I work with, and I’d be a fan of their music even if I didn’t work with them. They describe their music as “picnic on a volcano” and if you take one listen you’ll know what that means.


A Free Podcast
The iTunes Weekly Rewind is a podcast created by the iTunes music team and highlights songs that they’ve discovered over the course of the week. You can even hear me visit from time-to-time to talk about country music.


Support Our Troops
The Red Bands Of Courage is a project we started back in 2004 to support our troops. The COURAGE Bands project continues to this help to help raise funds for military charities.


Celebrating Women With Disabilities
Ms Wheelchair USA is an organization that I’ve been working with since it was founded. I’ve been a long time supporter of people with disabilities and think this is a wonderful way to focus on the positive.


Nashville's First Virtual Label
Nine North Records is Nashville’s first virtual record company and builds their clients and contacts through partnership deals. I’ve been working with them since they started and think they’re onto something!


Country Music Promotions & Marketing
Turnpike Music is a sister label to Nine North Records (see above) and focuses their country music promotional efforts on secondary radio markets. The Nine North/Turnpike model is a great option for artists.